2010 Build what here

My neighbour in Lisbon came up with the idea of participating in the “Build what here” - competition for the Roskilde Festival in Denmark.

Participants should come up with an architectural design for a 100 by 50m big field on the festival.

All content is to generate a crowd friendly environment which allows people to sit, eat, drink, relax, dance, kiss, party etc. as spaces to reload between the concerts. The design should be reusable which means there should be an easy way of assembling/dissasembling and storing it. The recommended building materials include:

  • pallets
  • scaffolding
  • intermediate bulk containers
  • containers

My neighbour already had a lot of sketches with different ideas. After a few meetings with lots of scribbles and sketches we decided to continue the “the europal forest”-idea. Building trees out of scaffolding and pallets, forming little islands of trees where people can lie in hammocks, go to the top to have an overview on elevated platforms, or have a drink in the integrated bars.

I started moddeling the basic building components in Pro-Desktop and made some renderings in my favorite open-source program blender.

Sadly I wasn’t very concious of the deadline and by the time I found out, it was already to late to come up with something serious. It was fun nevertheless and maybe one of us will find another oportunity to build one of those structures.